Viktorina's Links For Kids

        Viktorina Recommends these WebSites
for your Children:

Stories For Kids

Alice's Story

A Story about little birds

Soundclips by the Bowen Family

Jokes for Kids

Guess the Sounds

Drawing and Coloring Page

The alphabet in color - for very young kiddies

Kid's Art - for very young kiddies

The Story of Alice in Wonderland

Bedtime Stories for Kids of All Ages

Short Stories about Scientists

Stories, Poems, Games by Kids

Site Especially for Girls

MadFun kids birthday party

The Starlight Children's Foundation   Brighten the lives of sick kids - Children's Halloween Costumes

Pokémon Store!!!
(Ask Your Parents First)

See the World's Biggest Toybox!!!
(Ask Your Parents First)

Check This Great Online Toystore!!!
(Ask Your Parents First)

Party Supplies

Birthday supplies for kids and adults, plus wedding decorations and supplies, baby shower, and anniversary.

 Our party store,, includes luau party supplies and many other party favors,

pinatas and decorations for rock n roll, casino, graduation and many other special occasions.

Birthday Party World - Kids's Birthday Party Supplies
Birthday party supplies & party invitations plus party favors, children's
birthday party games and character birthday party themes at competively discounted
prices! - Party Places & Entertainers
 Find birthday party entertainment, locations & rentals in your area. Our directory lists clowns, magicians, face painters and more. We'll also help you find great locations & party places, too!
Viktorina's Great Game Site Picks:

Fun Games from the folks at the Boston University Computing Group

            Nifty Puzzles and Other Amusing Games from Cardiff University, Wales, U.K.

Peg Game Against a Computer at Boston University

Tic Tac Toe at Boston University

What is a Stereogram?

               Andy Giger's 3D Stereogram Games Site from Australia (for advanced players)

Andy Giger's 3D Stereogram, Version 2 (more difficult)

Winnie the Pooh Stick Game (you need to register to play)

Coloring Page

Pong Online

Christmas Games

          Fun Stuff for Kids at the British Broadcasting Corporation, London, England

Life at the White House!

Socks, the White House cat, has his own page!

White House for Kids!

Write to the US President, George W. Bush!

     Kids! Write to Bill Gates, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft/Hotmail!

Viktorina's Museum Picks:

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Children's Discovery Museum of San José, California

Children's Museum, Hull, Québec, Canada

Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

University of California at Riverside, Photography Museum for Kids

Children's Science Village, Paris, France -- En Français

Boston Computer Museum, Boston, Massachusetts

On-line Exhibits at Exploratorium, San Francisco, California

Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception

Atenium - for Kids, at the Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

                        Franklin Institute of Science On-Line (See the Human Heart, learn about Weather...)

Museum of WebArt for Kids

Address list of Teddy Bear Museums on 3 continents

Other Interesting Sites For Kids:

Stories written by kids from all over the world!

Origami Art-Paper Folding

Interactive Model Railroad

CyberKids E-Zine, with Music, Stories, and Games for 12 and Under

CyberTeens E-Zine, Same as Above, but for 13+

Tons of Stuff for Kids up to Age 12

Electronic Zoo

Information on Stars, Astronauts, Astronomy, etc.

Hubble Space Telescope Images

Sites That Offer Information to Kids
about Health and School-Related Topics:

Health and Emotional Issues Explained for Kids

Help with Topics and Information for School Projects

                    Games, Stories, Homework Help - Academic Centre for Excellence, Fairhold, NJ

Digital Library for K-12

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