Dolls by Rosa Liulko

Roza Liulko


I was born on August 8, 1946 in the city of Tashkent, the former Soviet Union. I took up art as a hobby from a very early age and eventually went to school to pursue it as a career. Upon completing my studies in the 1960ís, I happily accepted a position as an art instructor at a local school. This position gave me hands on experience with the art world and raised my creativity level up a few notches. My biggest inspiration came to me when I moved to Montreal and saw the cityís ethnical abundance. As a response to what I saw and experienced, my dolls became the subject of my life. Moreover, my dolls not only represent the present attributes of our planet; different cultures and personalities from around the world, but they also capture the beginning of time when Adam and Eve walked the planet. In addition, the characters throughout history; covering life experiences from every dimension. I have already presented some of my dolls in a few exhibits, among which was during the Russian festival in Montreal. Each doll is hand sawn and embellished with beads, sequence, jewelry, and etc. Each one has some unique flare that makes it stand out from the other. My heart and soul goes into each dollsí design and concept; I strive to make every doll look more realistically dramatized and intricate than the one before. I want to share my story and wisdom through my work; a common language that everyone can understand.