"Liz's Ice Cream Parlor"

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Invitation Card

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RSVP card

Liz's Sign in Book

Thank You card

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Just a card

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This set was made to order of Family Newman from New York
for their daughter Elizabeth Ice Cream party (175 guests).
Liz's theme for the party was ..."Liz's Ice Cream Parlor" and all the
decorations were parfait glasses and old fashioned ice cream parlor things.
Gwen Newman (Liz's mother) ordered  ice cream themed Thank you
cards and Sign in Book.
Invitation sets were made with 3D flower compositions because Elizabeth
didn't want to give away the theme before the party.
According to order I used Liz's favorite colors: blue, pink and yellow.
 For the party decoration were also made 3D framed pictures
(2,5 times bigger than cards) with the same design as Invitation card and
Thank you card.


Handmade in Canada

Design by Viktorina Savelieva

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